Friday, May 22, 2009

My first "printie" completed and I like it!

So here it is.... I saw this frame at Hobby Lobby and thought it looked just goth enough to fit into the mansion ok. So this one will be going on Gomez's night stand!! For scale... those yellow lines mark one inch squares.ahem... pardon the saw dust :)


  1. Brilliant, I can just imagine this picture on Gomez's night stand..

  2. Oh...It's perfect!!! Be careful...once you start, it's hard to stop~ hehehe :)

  3. Thats going to look great on Gomez's night stand Ara.
    Debie xxx

  4. Wow...i would love a full size one of those too.....nice detail for a mini:O)

  5. Ara,

    Yeah that crazy ex of mine and his love of Ravioli.

    Anyway, in case you were looking for this stuff, I've had it bookmarked, didn't know what to do with it for my house, but it's around. Stuff like weather-it and patina-it, etc... Her's a shop that sells them. Look under Glues & Supplies.

    Okay, I guess that is all.

    much Love,

  6. looks lovely! i bought a few of those frames myself when the minis were on 50% sale at hobby lobby :)

  7. I am also a huge Addam's Family fan and so glad I found your blog (saw you linked through caseysminis). I am eager to follow your progress!

  8. What a lovely photo and frame! How beautifully Gothically romantic!Gomez will be pleased :-)

  9. Hi, Actually yes I did get your email but I thought I replied to it. I've put your organ on my 'list of photos for fluffybricks' but since I'm trying to 'mix up' styles that I show, and recently there were some 'weird' ones, yours will be coming soon!
    I'm looking forward to putting it up, and maybe some other things that you do later! I'm really glad that you like the site.