Monday, April 20, 2009

Off topic... a bit about me...

Inspired by a new blogging friend (Debbie) I went back through some old pics of my semester abroad studying Architecture in Italy... we spent our Spring Break in London/Greenwich and had a blast!!!! Debbie was describing the traditional meal of Pie and Mash... and it turns out I had that meal in her home town! Very cool.. Anyway - and I thought I would upload a few pictures of me seeing as my avatar is my beautiful dog Clemy.... but here's where we ate:
And here's me eating the Pie and Mash with my traveling buds (I am the front one on the left):
And here is me and my friend in St.Christophers Inn (I believe that is correct) (I am the one in the blue shirt). We got to know the staff of that Pub/Hostel very well and they were the ones that helped us know where to get the best Pie and Mash!

Back on Topic: I am about to pop in the first Addams Family movie... I must decide whether to have Lurch play the harpsichord (as in the tv show) or the organ (as in the movie)....hmmm...


  1. Delet that last post, I mispelled say "saw" and I also want to say, thier is no way my parents are holding me back from seeing Great Britian beacuse of the price of things now. It looks like I'd be right at home! Parents ::rolls eyes::

    And I was saying, yeah get whichever you see the better miniature for between Lurchs' organ and harpsichord.

  2. Ara thanks so much for posting your photographs. That pub opposite the Pie & Mash is the Spanish Galleon, I've had one or two drinks in there..Did you visit the Royal Naval College at the bottom of the road on the one way system and the Maritime Museum in Greenwich Park. I used to sell my miniatures in the Market there.
    Mini Hugs

  3. Debbie - We did get to the Maritime Museum but not the Royal Naval College. But I must say my favorite part was the walk through Greenwich park - they had the most lovely yellow flowers and we were there on a morning with mist covering the ground... gorgeous!

    Tara, yes you must see it! Its been one of my favorite trips! Well - I believe I will be making either the organ or the harpsichord - so I can do either - but last night I watched the first movie and I am definitely thinking organ... it just has that creepy charm to it!