Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Play us a waltz, Lurch!

I just finished Lurch's organ. I put quite a bit of work and detail into to it just for the fact that it will be a big part of the main living area. The Addamses LOVE music and always have some romantic tune in the background. While the tv showed a harpsichord, I decided to go with the dark and dreary organ... plus I love the double layering of the keys on organs.

There are a few details to note.... the back of the organ has the Addams Family crest. I took it from the first movie when they showed it on one of the graves. They're credo is "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us". Not sure if you can see but the crest contains three heads (all of a lioness I think) where the first head is angry, the next has a foot sticking out of its mouth and the last is smiling with its tongue out!! So funny, I was laughing when I finally put the credo and the crest together in my head..... I love set designers.... such a sense of humor.
Parts of the organ (as you might see) have bits broken off... I wanted to make sure it looked well used. And on the back there looks as though something might have chewed through the organ back and be living in there??
Lastly, the keys are all individual and move up and down like a real organ. They do get stuck occasionally however... which I thinks adds to the charm of an old organ. I sanded each key seperatly to give it that well worn look.

I think it'll be a great focal peice for the living room.... ahhhh.... now I have to build the living room!!!!


  1. That's remarkable! The keys work?!? Wonderful work Ara! Lurch is going to love it! ;)
    I've been known to plan a project for years before diving in - but I think about it every chance I get and alot of development happens in that time. I like to enjoy the process. :) Yours is going to be magnificent, I just know it!

  2. Ara you've done a brilliant job making the Organ.

  3. Brill! oooh you should defiantly have something sticking out of that littel hole!! Maybe 'Thing' once had a cousin come to say ( another hand!!!0 and it now lives in the organ??!!!
    LOL Kate and Joyn xxx
    Get building, want to see more please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Fantastic! Simply fantastic! I love the chewed hole out the back and that you made sure the keys could really move!

  5. Fabulous Ara ! I love the fact the keys move, a genius touch there :0) It is just perfect and you most defintely neede something peeping out or crawling into that hole. This is going to be a wonderful project ,
    julie xxx

  6. Thanks guys! I like all the ideas of something coming out of the hole in the back... I'm gonna have to think on that one. Also just realized i forgot all the black keys (slaps forehead). I didn't originally plan for them to move seperatly so they won't be hard to add....

  7. How on earth did you manage to have the keys moving? I loved the Addams Family, and I love your blog!

  8. Your organ is fantastic and think you are amazing to have done so much detail.
    I loved watching the Adams family as a child and can't wait to see more of your creations.
    Nikki x

  9. Good gosh. I'd love to put this on fluffybricks if I may. Especially if you can explain how you get them to go up and down! (but even if not, I'd love to put it up)
    Actually I'd love to put lots of your things on fluffybricks, it's the type of thing I love- warped miniatures.

  10. That organ is beautiful! I'm so impressed that the keys work!