Thursday, April 30, 2009

For anyone interested in how the Keys work....

I got a comment from Sumaiya Mehreen asking about how I got the keys to move so I figure I would just post a quick drawing I did before I started on it, for anyone who is interested.

Being the good architectural intern that I am (rolls eyes) I did a quick section drawing through the center of the organ to make sure all the key parts would fit and move properly....

So... pretend you are standing in front of the organ looking at the keys. Now if you took a buzz-saw and chopped in down the middle (between the two middle keys) and then looked at the cut part from the side.... that's what my drawing is of.

The reason the keys work like a real organ is because I offset the hole I drilled that the keys swivel around on a metal rod ... by doing this there is a longer portion of the key sticking back into the organ... which will be naturally pulled down by gravity. Basically I made an off-center teeter totter in the form of an organ key. So when you push on any one of the keys the front (where you are pushing) will go down and then when you lift your finger the key will rotate back down to sit on the resting block.

Thats my quick explanation... feel free to ask more questions if the above made no sense at all :) I sometimes tend to ramble!


  1. well my mind boggled just looking at the drawing .......this is why I make dolls not furniture LOL
    Brilliant !
    julie xxx

  2. Very clever. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ara thats so clever....very impressed!!!

  4. What a clever idea...very impressive. Love the finished organ by the way and can't wait to see more.


  5. Thank You for the explanation! The more I understand the work that went into creating the organ, the better I appreciate it! Would you be adding a musical mechanism to it at a later date ... one similar to a music box?