Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"And we do not discuss new business until... next Quarter"

Addams Family Film (1991) by Paramount Pictures

SO back to the old business of the Addams Family Mansion...

As I said in a previous post I could not decide if I wanted a Harpsichord as in the TV show or an Organ as in the movie. Well I watched a little of both and decided on the Organ. It has so many fun creepy possibilities that I just can pass up. Plus I like the double layering of the keys... not sure why... I just do :)

Also as I watched the movie I got a quick glimpse at Lurch's sleeping quarters and got very excited. If I hadn't paused the movie I would have missed the details of the paintings stashed behind his headboard and the little paint brushes in cups up on his shelf. I plan to incorporate Lurch's room area in the Granmamas basement/labratory and I can't wait to put some little art supplies in there! Also I won a great pattern for a robe and slippers from Marsha at Sassy Mini Dolls and I plan to make these both for Lurch! Thanks Marsha!!!

Addams Family Film (1991) by Paramount Pictures

Well, and also I am having a bit of first-kit-bash-a-phobia.... Its all just lying out on my guest bed waiting for me to get started... sigh. I started working on Lurchs organ though, so I am not sitting idle. I have just never even opened a kit before - let alone put it together. I am hoping this Saturday to lay it all out and start figuring out what gets bashed and what stays...phew!!


  1. How exciting! You won't have any problem kit-bashing! Have fun! And you're most welcome! You'll need to make it a little longer for Lurch :)

  2. What a great shot of lurch in his room. I am enjoying hearing the planning of your project. believe me once you start with the kit there will be no stopping you. Its just the first step that is daunting. I'm making a house in an antique boot and spent at least a month just looking at it ..... once I plucked up courage to start it all fell into place. Your kit will be the same I am sure :0)
    Looking forward to watching it shape up !
    julie xx

  3. Are you making the organ from scratch Ara? You sound like us, we are forever putting on Sweeney Todd and Harry Potter and pausing it to make notes and sketches, drives the family crazy!!!
    Good luck with that kit, I still have a kit under the stairs that we keep opening ........and closing again!!
    Kate and John xx

  4. Good Luck with putting the Kit together. Don't do what I did opened the box and promptly shut it again.
    There are lots of sites and forums out there that will give you help. I'll have a look and send you some links.

  5. Thanks guys for the encouragement... I know I just need to dive right in!!! Links would be great, Debbie! Thanks!

    Yep - I decided to make the Organ myself. Its gonna be such a big part of the living room that I wanted to make it something really special. I spent two nights drafting it up and measuring and now I am acutally cutting! Eek! But mini-furniture is where my crafty-heart lies so its all fun for me!! :)