Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Planning Stage...

Well, this month I have been looking to buy a dollhouse kit. And as I searched for the perfect one I came upon this dollhouse, The Alison Jr.:

Alison Jr. is a kit produced by Real Good Toys

And as I went to buy it an old memory kept popping up from a tv show I used to watch as a kid and teenager. It was this image:

Charles Addams Cartoon, Property of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation

Yes!!! It is the Addams Family mansion (this is the cartoon version but the closest looking to the Alison Jr.)! One of my favorite old tv shows! So I just CAN NOT make this dollhouse without turning it into the Addams' Mini-Mansion. Thus, this blog is born.

I will be doing massive amounts of research (and movie watching) in the next month or so. Oh yes and hopefully some building as well - haha!

Here is the list I came up with today off the top of my head.... mind you this is just from my memory and I haven't gone back to sort out which was from the movie and which was from the tv show - and I haven't decided if I want to make that distinction either... those decisions will be made soon. Also - i have to make sure I am not mixing things up with the Munsters - I loved them too! Here's the list:

things I want to include:
-Morticias conservatory with "Cleopatra" and trimmed roses

-Lurch's Organ
-Morticias wicker chair (tv show)
-Grandmama's cellar/labratory
-Wednesday and pugsleys room with doll guillotine and electric chair
-Kitchen? with stop sign in corner (movie)?
-Gomez's library with books/ bear rug
-Thing's box and Thing himself

-"Beware of the Thing" sign
-Kitty?? (Lion) (tv show)

-His/hers nail beds?
-Trap door in Childrens room
-Gomez and Morticias room
-Fish/octopus tank (in conservatory)
-House Clock?
-Lurch's PJ's and Night Cap

Rooms I def want:
Wednesday/Pugsleys room
Gomez/Morticias room
Grandmamas basement
Living room (entrance)
Uncle Festers Attic?


  1. What a brilliant project, looking forward to watching your creation come to life..

  2. Thanks Debbie! Welcome to my blog! I hope not to disappoint!

  3. I can't wait to watch this one come to life!

  4. The Allison Jr. is the first dollhouse kit I built. It was very forgiving and I'm certain you will be able to achive what you're looking for no problem!

    You will lots of helpful miniaturist blogging here as well, should you need any tips & tricks.

  5. I cannot wait to see this project unfold...what a brilliant idea! Has always been one of my favs growing up....I use to tell my Mom.."I wanna live in the Addam's House"...she would say "You do Jodi...you do"!!!

    Jodi (the long lost Addams)

  6. That´ll be a great project ! Wonderful, I like to watch how it grows :o) !!!Good luck !!!

  7. This is great! I've been trying to work out the blueprints of the Addams movie mansion. Nice to see there are some other crazies out there. Good luck.

  8. Hi! Just wanted to say welcome to blog land...We are so exicted over here to watch you build this house! You have so many great ideas so far....It's going to be really neat to see it come alive!!!!


  9. wowe am an architecture student and i want to redesign adams family mansion...just in my way. coz i like experimenting with buildings....ur blog has helped me in this project..thank u very much..