Thursday, April 30, 2009

For anyone interested in how the Keys work....

I got a comment from Sumaiya Mehreen asking about how I got the keys to move so I figure I would just post a quick drawing I did before I started on it, for anyone who is interested.

Being the good architectural intern that I am (rolls eyes) I did a quick section drawing through the center of the organ to make sure all the key parts would fit and move properly....

So... pretend you are standing in front of the organ looking at the keys. Now if you took a buzz-saw and chopped in down the middle (between the two middle keys) and then looked at the cut part from the side.... that's what my drawing is of.

The reason the keys work like a real organ is because I offset the hole I drilled that the keys swivel around on a metal rod ... by doing this there is a longer portion of the key sticking back into the organ... which will be naturally pulled down by gravity. Basically I made an off-center teeter totter in the form of an organ key. So when you push on any one of the keys the front (where you are pushing) will go down and then when you lift your finger the key will rotate back down to sit on the resting block.

Thats my quick explanation... feel free to ask more questions if the above made no sense at all :) I sometimes tend to ramble!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Play us a waltz, Lurch!

I just finished Lurch's organ. I put quite a bit of work and detail into to it just for the fact that it will be a big part of the main living area. The Addamses LOVE music and always have some romantic tune in the background. While the tv showed a harpsichord, I decided to go with the dark and dreary organ... plus I love the double layering of the keys on organs.

There are a few details to note.... the back of the organ has the Addams Family crest. I took it from the first movie when they showed it on one of the graves. They're credo is "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us". Not sure if you can see but the crest contains three heads (all of a lioness I think) where the first head is angry, the next has a foot sticking out of its mouth and the last is smiling with its tongue out!! So funny, I was laughing when I finally put the credo and the crest together in my head..... I love set designers.... such a sense of humor.
Parts of the organ (as you might see) have bits broken off... I wanted to make sure it looked well used. And on the back there looks as though something might have chewed through the organ back and be living in there??
Lastly, the keys are all individual and move up and down like a real organ. They do get stuck occasionally however... which I thinks adds to the charm of an old organ. I sanded each key seperatly to give it that well worn look.

I think it'll be a great focal peice for the living room.... ahhhh.... now I have to build the living room!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Holy Cow - 25 Followers!!

Just wanted to say hi :) to everyone following this blog and the Addams Family Mansion! I can't believe I am up to 25 interested people so quickly. I hope I do not disappoint! As you are following along please feel free (and welcomed) to leave any suggestions you might have. I plan to do a lot of research but I know there are a lot more people out there smarter and more observant than I am!
I am very excited to go through all of your blogs and check out what you are all up too! There are a lot and its taking me some time but everyone on here is SO talented! I am so glad to get to know you guys! -Ara

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"And we do not discuss new business until... next Quarter"

Addams Family Film (1991) by Paramount Pictures

SO back to the old business of the Addams Family Mansion...

As I said in a previous post I could not decide if I wanted a Harpsichord as in the TV show or an Organ as in the movie. Well I watched a little of both and decided on the Organ. It has so many fun creepy possibilities that I just can pass up. Plus I like the double layering of the keys... not sure why... I just do :)

Also as I watched the movie I got a quick glimpse at Lurch's sleeping quarters and got very excited. If I hadn't paused the movie I would have missed the details of the paintings stashed behind his headboard and the little paint brushes in cups up on his shelf. I plan to incorporate Lurch's room area in the Granmamas basement/labratory and I can't wait to put some little art supplies in there! Also I won a great pattern for a robe and slippers from Marsha at Sassy Mini Dolls and I plan to make these both for Lurch! Thanks Marsha!!!

Addams Family Film (1991) by Paramount Pictures

Well, and also I am having a bit of first-kit-bash-a-phobia.... Its all just lying out on my guest bed waiting for me to get started... sigh. I started working on Lurchs organ though, so I am not sitting idle. I have just never even opened a kit before - let alone put it together. I am hoping this Saturday to lay it all out and start figuring out what gets bashed and what stays...phew!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Off Topic: ATM - MAKE!

Ok - another off topic post.... I am on a website forum called 'All Things Mini' and we do a thing every now and then called a 'Make' where you make something for someone else. Well I just saw that my friend that I made something for posted pictures to her blog so I figured I would as well... This make was entitled "What's that smell?" and I made something for someone who is makeing an Old-English Winnie the Pooh dollhouse... you can find it here:

you can also see Pooh enjoying what I made for him there! Well of course if the title is "What's that smell?" it had to be HONEY!!! So I made a little matching cabinet and chair set for him ... the chair to help boost him up to his beloved honey :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Off topic... a bit about me...

Inspired by a new blogging friend (Debbie) I went back through some old pics of my semester abroad studying Architecture in Italy... we spent our Spring Break in London/Greenwich and had a blast!!!! Debbie was describing the traditional meal of Pie and Mash... and it turns out I had that meal in her home town! Very cool.. Anyway - and I thought I would upload a few pictures of me seeing as my avatar is my beautiful dog Clemy.... but here's where we ate:
And here's me eating the Pie and Mash with my traveling buds (I am the front one on the left):
And here is me and my friend in St.Christophers Inn (I believe that is correct) (I am the one in the blue shirt). We got to know the staff of that Pub/Hostel very well and they were the ones that helped us know where to get the best Pie and Mash!

Back on Topic: I am about to pop in the first Addams Family movie... I must decide whether to have Lurch play the harpsichord (as in the tv show) or the organ (as in the movie)....hmmm...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First plans are drawn at lunch....

Thanks to my handy dandy Wendy's napkin from lunch :) I have my first layout of ideas on this house. Its basically self explanitory except for a few changes from the drawings... I will be adding another wall in the Library/Study area to create a powder room/hall into Morticia and Gomez's bedroom... they needed a little more room. Also the kitchen will be small but I plan to put a dumbwaiter from Grandmama's Lab into the kitchen showing that most things are actually cooked down there. Maybe I should just name it the dining room then... yes - the "kitchen" is now the dining room. Also the kids will have a secret passage from their room into the study... somehow.

I will need a conservatory addition on the left side, a two story addition on the right and a basement addition across the whole bottom floor.

And yes poor Uncle Fester gets the boot up onto the roof - but what better way to watch for lightening??

Also, I know there is no bathroom... but I am not sure they go to the bathroom ever... I am not even sure how Morticia gets out of those dresses... so no bathroom for this one :)

If y'all have any ideas please let me know - I am still just moving things around in my head!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Planning Stage...

Well, this month I have been looking to buy a dollhouse kit. And as I searched for the perfect one I came upon this dollhouse, The Alison Jr.:

Alison Jr. is a kit produced by Real Good Toys

And as I went to buy it an old memory kept popping up from a tv show I used to watch as a kid and teenager. It was this image:

Charles Addams Cartoon, Property of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation

Yes!!! It is the Addams Family mansion (this is the cartoon version but the closest looking to the Alison Jr.)! One of my favorite old tv shows! So I just CAN NOT make this dollhouse without turning it into the Addams' Mini-Mansion. Thus, this blog is born.

I will be doing massive amounts of research (and movie watching) in the next month or so. Oh yes and hopefully some building as well - haha!

Here is the list I came up with today off the top of my head.... mind you this is just from my memory and I haven't gone back to sort out which was from the movie and which was from the tv show - and I haven't decided if I want to make that distinction either... those decisions will be made soon. Also - i have to make sure I am not mixing things up with the Munsters - I loved them too! Here's the list:

things I want to include:
-Morticias conservatory with "Cleopatra" and trimmed roses

-Lurch's Organ
-Morticias wicker chair (tv show)
-Grandmama's cellar/labratory
-Wednesday and pugsleys room with doll guillotine and electric chair
-Kitchen? with stop sign in corner (movie)?
-Gomez's library with books/ bear rug
-Thing's box and Thing himself

-"Beware of the Thing" sign
-Kitty?? (Lion) (tv show)

-His/hers nail beds?
-Trap door in Childrens room
-Gomez and Morticias room
-Fish/octopus tank (in conservatory)
-House Clock?
-Lurch's PJ's and Night Cap

Rooms I def want:
Wednesday/Pugsleys room
Gomez/Morticias room
Grandmamas basement
Living room (entrance)
Uncle Festers Attic?