Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sculpting Smokey

Well I finished him! Meet Smokey, the Addams' stuffed polar bear.

Some of you might be thinking "I thought they had a brown bear" OR you might be thinking "Ara must think everyone else watches the addams family episodes over and over like she does - I didn't even know they had a stuffed bear." Either way, you're right :) They did have a stuffed brown bear in season 1 of the show, but in season 2 they all the sudden had a Polar bear (which they eventually accidentally set on fire with a flame thrower). He is not to be confused with their polar bear rug on the floor (his name is Bruno).

I started with a wire frame covered in masking tape for bulk. Then I added clay over the top and sculpted to the best of my ability. I cooked him and then added paint and details on the base to make him look like a real piece of taxidermy. I thought about flocking him but the clay ended up looking really softish so I didn't want to mess it up with flocking.

He may only be 8 1/2" tall but as you can see below he has quite a presence in the mini world. I am so excited to be finally adding some Addams detail to the mansion! One less thing on the to -do list! Hooray!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Moved my work space....

We're still adjusting to Miss Bella being here... and one of those adjustments was figuring out how to protect the baby from the minis, and protect the minis from the baby! So I worked my tail off cleaning out the back room of my house to move my office into it. Before it was in what should have been our dining area (we're an eat in front of the tv type of family).

DH got some shelves hung for me and I got my retro floor lamp installed so we're good to go now! We also got the mansion snug in its own corner. There's actually more room for me to spread out here I think. The dogs have to live underneath the whole thing but they're no trouble. I like to say they live in the 'basement'.

I have also made an extensive to-do list. Now a days it seems like if its not on a list... it won't get done. My first to-do is a sculpt I have been putting off that is absolutely necessary for the completion of this mansion. I have to be in the mood to sculpt... And I think I finally am! I'm not going to tell what it is in case I fail miserably.... but hopefully will post soon with the results!