Friday, October 30, 2009

Off Topic: 'Up From the Basement Swap' for Rosanna

Well, the sad news is that Rosanna has not received this yet. The Italian mail service is up to its old tricks again. I'm just praying that it gets there!!! please please please!!!!

But Rosanna has asked that I go ahead and share what I made for her since I'm supposed to post all the Swaps tomorrow on Halloween!! (which I probably will do at midnight - hehe - can't wait!!)

So without further ado, and with you seeing this for the first time along with Rosanna, here is was I made for her.......

Rosanna and I participated in the "Up from the Basement Swap" by swapping with each other. You can see what she made for the Addams Family a few posts back or see Rosannas post here :) Rosanna told me that her favorite Halloween characters were pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. So that's what I made for her... and I made it coming up from the basement.... oooOOOOoooOOOOoooo

Here you can see a back view, which I personally think looks kind of graceful and elegant ... haha. He comes complete with pumpkinhead, leaf hands and feet and completely wrapped up in his own vine :) He's made out of polymer clay with a wire armature.

Also, his head is removeable for two reasons... one reason would be if Rosanna wanted to make other heads for the body with different expressions, the other reason being if she wanted to put just the head by itself as a carved pumpkin in a scene. Also he is detachable from the stair case, which she can also use anyway she chooses.

And there you have it. Sorry it didn't get to be a surprise in the mail Rosanna but I hope he gets to you very soon as he is supposed to be around for Halloween!!! Oh well :)

To see all 6 of the Swaps together, please go to my Clue Blog. I will be posting it tonight at midnight!! Happy Halloween Rosanna and all my fellow bloggers out there!!!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jar on my shelf.....

Husband: Uhhh.... what's that?
Ara: All the dolls that died while waiting for me to build them a house.....
Husband: oh.

(I actually just bought some of those skeleton garlands everyones been talking about and dumped them all in a glass jar for storage... didn't even think it would look weird ... haha)

Up from the Basement Swap from Rosanna!!!

As you can see from the lovely goodies pictured above, have received my "And it came up from the Basement" swap from the talented Rosanna!! And I am just thrilled to pieces!!! Rosanna told me that this old chest came up from the basement and was filled with this lovely items for an Addams Family picnic!!! Just look at all that was wrapped up in there!! A hand stitched picnic blanket, 6 monogramed plates, 6 vampire napkins (or placemats which is how I think I will use them in the formal dining room - won't they look great??) and two fantsticly gothic looking serving platters!!! Of course my favorite part is the picnic blanket.... and just look at these little sequin spiders:

Rosanna, you are a genius!!! I would have never though of using sequins for the spider bodies!! They are just too adorable!! And can you believe those tiny stitches - and can you believe it - the floss glows in the dark - perfect for the moonlight!!! Rosanna, thank you so so so so much for this lovely swap. The Addams Family and I are just over the moon about everything :)

And in case you were wondering if the Addams Family would be able to put this to good use...... well of course!! Who doesn't love a midnight picnic under the moonlight:

Image from Original TV Series by MGM Home Entertainment


PS. Stay tuned to my Clue Blog for the Halloween day reveal of all the Swaps. (Provided they all arrive in time!!!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is how I feel about work right about now.....

Image of Lurch from Original TV Series by MGM Home Entertainment
(In case you couldn't tell, this is Lurch's frustrated face... I think...)

Its LATE and I am still at work and will probably still be here for many hours to come. As of right now I have been sitting in my cubical for 12 1/2 hours strait........ four gray half walls surrounding me :(

I realized that I have not seen the sun all day.... now I see how the people in Alaska feel.... its really confusing and disheartening.

But alas it will be over 'soon'. Maybe..... they won't tell us for sure. *sigh*

Ok - that's my little sad post for todays blog... back to the drawing table... literally.....


And not to leave this post a total bummer.... a couple more Addams Family Fun Facts:

Fact #1 - Wednesday is named after a poem by Mother Goose (believe it or not) called "Mondays Child is Fair of Face" here is the poem in full..... you can see how 'Wednesday' fits the character well:

Monday's child is fair of face
Tuesday's child is full of grace
Wednesday's child is full of woe
Thursday's child has far to go
Friday's child is loving and giving
Saturday's child works hard for a living
But the child born on the Sabbath Day
Is fair and wise and good and gay.

What Child are you? I was born on a Sunday almost 26 years ago (and hopefully I'll be back to being 'gay' after this night is over!!).....

Fact #2 Wednesday's middle name is 'Friday'.

Have a great rest of your Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Off Topic: Murph and his new Lady, Esmey

Just to update you on some news.... You remember my friend and hired model Murph? Well the other day he came strolling across my desk with his new WIFE!!! No wonder I hadn't seen him around lately... Though I haven't really had a ton of work for him (as you all could probably tell!!)... Anyway I figure he would have at least invited me to the wedding. Oh well. They say it was a small wedding. Anyway, his wife's name is Esmerelda (Esmey is was he calls her for short). Here is her pic:

It's a horrible picture as they wouldn't stop their evening walk to let me take a better one.

Well today Murph informs me that he thinks its rather unfit for him to bring his new bride home to live in somebody elses house while its being worked on (meaning the Addams Mansion or Bentley Manor).... So I agreed that as a bride I would have been frustrated with that situation too. SOoo I have promised to build them their own little cottage. Its in the works right now. I gave myself a time limit so I wouldn't dilly dally and actually finish something!! I will upload pics of their cute little house when I get it done!!

Hope everyone's doing well! -ara