Monday, May 28, 2018

Well Everyone.... its only been about THREE YEARS since I have posted on this blog.....  GO ME!!!  BUT I wanted to let you know I have started a YouTube channel that continues the progress of this project. 

You can check out my YT miniatures channel HERE

There you can find my Addams Family Playlist to see a lot of the updates I have made since I last posted on this blog... there are quite a few!!

ALSO I plan to complete this project in the next year (before May 2019) which would mark the 10 year anniversary of the beginning of the Mini-Mansion.

If you are still following along WOW!!! YOU ARE A PATIENT PERSON!! and sorry for the long absence.  Children, Life and YouTube sure can take up some time ;)

Thanks for your continued patience and I hope to see you over at my YT Channel (where you can watch this AND OTHER exciting projects unfold)

Cheers AF Mini-Mansion peeps!!  -Ara

Saturday, March 14, 2015

A second stair case...

Hello All,

Yes I still am working slowly slowly slowly on the Addams Mansion.  I have a several new updates ready to show you but I will do one at a time.

First, I have created a second stair case that runs from the 2nd story hallway (outside of Gomez and Morticia's room) up to the attic space outside of the kids room.  They have a fireman's pole that they can take up and down... but I felt a "back stairway" wouldn't hurt.

The hard part was figuring out  how to make a REMOVABLE stair case because the wing with the hallway is not permanently attached to the main house.

Below you can see the space without the stairs:

And here it is with the stair case in place:

Here you can see the attic space that the stairs lead up to:

They do come outside the back of the house but I kind of like that.  I may do that in a few more places as well!

And here you can see how the stair case comes apart:

I am very happy with how it turned out.  Now Morticia and Gomez have an easy way to check on the kids.  Also those without the skills need to slide UP a fireman's pole now have the ability to make it to the 3rd floor!

Thanks for checking it out! -Ara

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Finished Dollhouse Cabinet!!! Hooray!

It's finally finished!!  My friend texted me that the cabinet was done and I rushed over as fast as I could!!  Yay yay yay!!!

Here is it with my friend that built it for me:

I asked him if he would do it again and he said he would need a break before undertaking another one of my projects!  lol!!

Here it is with the Addams family mansion sitting on top:

The front area will have a porch and a small portion of the cemetery.

Here is the "back" of the house.  As you can see my friend built the basement into the cabinet.  It slides out so I can work on it!

Doesn't it look amazing???  The cabinets are for mini storage!  I am still going to distress and age the cabinet a bit to make it look like an old piece of furniture and match it with the house.

I probably won't get anymore work done on it before Christmas but I will be back then!  I really just can't wait to make this cabinet work for me... it's just amazing!  Can you tell I love it???


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mini Man!

I usually try to do some big project on the mansion around October to post on my blog.  But right now my project is raising money to pay for the cabinet I have been posting about!  So I don't have any pictures for you... hopefully it will be done soon and I will post a photo of the entire mansion!!!  Yay!!

Meanwhile here is one of my favorite minis.... who's keeping me busy! (we got this shirt in a bunch of hand-me-downs!  Isn't it perfect???)  Happy Halloween!-Ara

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The building continues....

More updated photos from my cabinet builder!

The wheels are on!

See the cut out top??  That is the foundation for the mansion!!  A perfect fit!

Excited Excited Excited!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cabinet Progress!!

Hi All!!

You may be wondering where on earth I have been....well I have been chasing a newly crawling baby boy!!  He is everywhere!

You also may be wondering.... are you ever going to post anything new about the mansion???!! Haha... well here we go....

I have not been working personally on the Addams Mansion BUT I have been doing odd jobs to pay for someone else to work on the mansion.  In my last post I showed you the plans I had drawn up for my custom cabinet!  It will hold the mansion on top AND within the cabinet itself so it had to be VERY customized.  And because it is very custom I had to have it built by someone who knows what he's doing.... and that costs money!!

Anyway... its going good and I am excited to share some update photos the builder (also a good friend) has sent me of the progress:

The open space in the above pic (the space that does not have doors) will house the basement of the mansion.  The doors will hide the boxes that the minis are stored in when the house is not decked out!  It will also have wheels so its easy to move around.

I am soooooo soooo soooo excited!!  This will help me move forward with so many things.  And my mansion will finally have a decent resting place!  thanks for taking a look, Ara

Monday, August 4, 2014

The time has come...

The drawings have been drawn up, a builder has been found, funds are somewhat in place, and it is time for the Addams Family Mini Mansion Cabinet to be built!!!

This is a custom cabinet to be built for the specific purposes of my project!  It will hold the main house, side wing, and conservatory on top and house the basement (aka grandmamas kitchen) within the cabinet.  It will also have storage space for minis to be organized and kept safely when they are not being displayed in the mansion.   It will have wheels so I can take it places to be displayed easily (with the help of a u-haul or trailer).  I AM SO EXCITED!!!  There are so many parts of this project that will be hastened by having the proper base for the mansion.

I just spent 3 days putting my ancient architecture skills to the test and I drew up detailed drawings for my builder.  I told him I didn't have a time restriction because honestly this project has taken me a lot longer than it should lol so I don't feel I should rush anyone else.  Also his wife just had a baby so he needs to be there for her first and foremost.  So that being said... I don't know when it will be done.  But at least the wheels are in motion!

Did I say I was EXCITED!!!???