Monday, July 21, 2014

Wednesday and Pugsley's Beds

Hi All!  I am so sorry I haven't been reading or commenting on anyones blogs!  I barely have time to sit down at the computer let alone work on my much neglected projects.  But every now and then I let the dishes/laundry pile up, leave the toys strewn about the house and make PBJ's for dinner so I can do something, ANYTHING, in my mansion!

This week I received many wonderful new items for my future conservatory (which is still a kit in a box) and I sooooo wanted to get it out and start building it!  BUT I looked at the main house and all the unfinished projects I have there so I decided to hold off and continue on the main house.  A few months ago I worked pretty hard on the attic section so I decided to work on Wednesdays and Pugsleys room a bit which is right next door.

The big focal point of that room will be the two semi-matching beds so I knew I need to get them going before any other decoration got underway.  So here are the beds finished!

I had some black fabric that I embroidered with a spider web design for Wednesdays bed.  And then I made sure it was made very neatly as I imagine she would probably like it to be in order.  The foot of the bed has a rather angry looking octopus which is a detail seen in the Addams Family movies.  I am not very happy how the camera made the octopus look in this photo... the white is acutally very subtle... but here it looks bright and messy.

Puglseys bed has just a typical looking comforter but it is messy and unmade.  As I imagine he has better things to do than to make his bed (such as blowing a few things up with Uncle Fester).  His detail on the foot of the bed is a skull and crossbones.... again I do not like how the camera makes it look.  It looks much better in person.

And now its time to starting adding items!  Whoo hoo.  I love this part!  And as you can see below.... someone has already moved in under Wednesdays bed!  I think this may be his permanent home.

 Thanks for checking out my progress!  I hope to have more to show soon!  hugs, Ara