Monday, January 11, 2010

Addams Christmas Goodies

Today I am writing to show off my Christmas stash!!! I was so blessed this year by family and friends! Now I have no excuse whatsoever to get this project going like crazy!

First of all I want to give a big thank you to you guys in blogland that send gifts! You are all so sweet! Morticia want to thank you as well so she insisted on being in the photo with the blogland gifts!! The Tree stand and box is from Karin F.!! Its so beautfully ornate and somewhat gothic so it will be perfect for and Addams Family tree for next year! Thank you Karin!! The beautiful photos are from Katie!! She loves photography as much as I do so she sent some of her work... in miniature!! I can't wait to figure out where to put them! Thank you Katie!!! And the wonderful bouquet of 100 dying roses is from Sans! She sent them as an anniversary gift for the anniversary of her blog! Morticia loves them of course but I am going to have to make sure she doesn't start sniping the heads off of them! They're too pretty! I will have to do another post to show how I use these!! Thank you Sans!!

Here are a few items I received from my family! My hubby ordered several things (that I had on a list made for him - haha) online! I expected to get a few things but he didn't know what to choose so he just got everything!! haha! That works for me! I just choose a few of my favorites to show! Also, my MIL and SIL took me shopping in the Dollhouse store in Dallas and let me go wild! Thats where I found this fireplace screen by Brooke Tucker! I just love the goat head!

Here are a few more items! The pots will be the perfect place to use a few of those roses Sans sent!! The white wire shelves will be aged, dirtied, and addams-a-fied to go into Morticias conservatory! Also at the bottom of the pic is a cigar set for Gomez!

Lastly here is a crystal set for the formal dining room, and also this stove for Grandmama! Hubby picked this one out himself and did an awesome job! See..... you can pick out stuff I like honey!! haha!

So I feel pretty spoiled this year!! I also got a book on sculpting!! I can't wait to try out a few things on my next member of the Addams Family! oh - I also got some special things for my Clue project! But I put that on my Clue blog if you want to see!

Thank you again to all! Hugs, Ara

Off topic: Rosannas Christmas Swap

I'm pretty late on posting this so I sincerely apologize to Marja!!! She sent me such a wonderful swap and I have been showing it off every chance I get! The detailing in the clothing is just wonderful. In case you cannot see from the photo.... its a men's outfit that has been tossed onto a chair! I just love the whimiscal feel to it all.... I wish you could see up close the detail she put into this! I believe she made a second set of clothing for a gent you can find here! But I am giving these fine clothes to Gomez!! For one of those crazy night of dancing he and Morticia indulge in on special occasions (such as Christmas)! It will look great sitting in the corner of their room! Thank you so much Marja!!

Here I will also show what I sent to Angela! Angela is a writer so I could picture her curling up by the fire with a great Christmas story and some Christmas cookies resting on a nearby ottoman! She also encouraged me to try my hand at some clay food... so she has the honor of having my first tray of clay food ever... hahah. I am pretending they are ginger snaps or something... who knows! Angela liked all three items so thats what counts!

And lastly, if you want to see the rest of what everyone sent to each other go here. So many talented ladies took part in this swap! Thanks for hosting Rosanna!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bed Swap!!!

Back in December the forum that I am a part of, All Things Mini, has a thing called a MAKE which is basically just a giant circle swap. But its a chance for all the members to go all out for another member of the forum. The theme for this MAKE was 'bed'. So we all made beds!! I received a bed from Marie. It was specifically made for Grandmama. It has a working guillotine and stocks! It all moves and functions! And its fairly heavy because of all the nails! I just love it! And since Grandmama was busy (aka unmade) here is Morticia posing with the bed. She tried it out too and said it was great for a midday nap! (thats why she's got crazy hair going on).I made a bed for Cate who is soon going to be making a Victorian House! So the words 'victorian' and 'bed' went into my mind and guess what came out..... Wuthering Heights! There is bed described in Chapter 3 which is the scene for a ghostly visit from Catherine and eventually the death bed of a main character. A few details include the name 'Catherine' scribed into one of the window sills and a secret drawer to hold the matching wood stairs. Cate's now thinking about dedicating a few rooms in her Victorian house to Victorian novels she likes! Too cool!

I had fun ladies! Can't wait for the next MAKE!!

And yet another reason.....

First of all I wanted to show y'all the official family potrait (from Vanity Fair, find short article here) of the Addams Family from the new musical..... let me know what y'all think. I am pretty sure Wednesday is supposed to be older in the musical so I think thats why she doesn't have braids........ hmmmm...... I know one of my readers, Louise, has already seen it and love it! I hope I get to someday as well!

Anyway, also I just wanted to finally announce another reason I have been so absent .... yesterday I quit my job!! :) And its a really good thing. But I have been filling out applications like crazy and its been taking up quite a bit of my time! Anyway - today will be my day to go back and read through you guys blogs! I have missed so much!