Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quick Family Portrait

I just couldn't resist getting the whole gang together here to show you who lives in the mansion so far! (click it to make it bigger)

Morticia - The Matron of the Addams Family - made by me
Cleopatra - Morticia's prized African Strangler - made by Jayne of Tallulah-Belle
Cousin Itt - Gomez's hairy, yet playboyish cousin - made by Kate Whittaker
Cousin What - Cousin Itt's son - made by Kate Whittaker
Aristotle - Pugsley's pet octopus - made by me
Homer - Wednesday's pet spider - made by Teresa Dudley
Thing - The family's helping hand - made by me

Thank you all who contributed to this good looking group!! Don't they all just belong together!! Looks like a need to make a few more of the main family members to keep these guys all in line though....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Texas Miniature Showcase

Well - I am finally posting about my trip to The Texas Miniature Showcase!

It was my first miniature show ever and I was so excited I had a very difficult time falling asleep the night before! My Aunt drove up from Houston to go with me and my husband said he would go as well! (I warned him that if he came he was NOT allowed to say at any time that he was bored.... he did a very good job and I think he had fun too!:)

Anyway, I also got to meet Texas Belle!!!!! It was great getting to meet up with her. We went and had lunch and shared our treasures we had found that morning. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around together trying to keep track of my aunt - haha! I can't wait for her to come over sometime to see the mini-mansion!

It was such a blast!! I'm gonna show you my favorite things I got from the show for the Addamses!

First, this is a piece by an artist named T. Dudley. It's a spider in a cage and he was just perfect to be Wednesday's pet spider, Homer. My Aunt actually got him for me!! I was jumping up and down I was so excited! It's about an inch long to give you an idea of scale.

The mounted moose horns you see sitting on the mantel here is another piece I found made by T. Dudley. The funny thing is that I bought these at two different stands and they were made 5 years apart.... The spider with cage was made in 2010, and the moose horns were made in 2005. I will be mounting the moose horns higher of course but I really like them and they are the closest I have found that look real!

And lastly this is a Bespaq piece that I found at a booth that was perfect for Gomez!! My Aunt bought this for me as well! She also got me the lamp and the small tobacco set for the top of the desk! Now I am ready to get the second level of the mansion going! Thank you Aunt Debbie! Gomez is finally ready to light up one of those cigars and sit back and relax in his office!

I had such a fun time.... I'm looking forward to next year! (The Addamses are too!)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Swap With Kate: Welcome to Cousin Itt and family!

As you can see..... a few more Addamses have come home!! Morticia and Thing are seen here greeting Cousin Itt and his son, Cousin What!! Aren't they fabulous! Both of these were made by the wonderful Kate Whittaker!! She has really outdone herself for this one. I just wish I could put some kind of 3D app on this blog so you could see all the detail in these pieces!!

Because Cousin Itt was a little hard to see in the dark house I wanted to do a quick family portrait for them against a white back drop! Kate made everything.... the tiny coffin, Baby What, and even the precious pacifier (or Dummy... I just learned that from Kate) in his hairy little mouth! Ahhhh - I love them!

Also notice that she made the wheels into spider webs and there are two spiders joining Baby What wherever he may be going.

And I also wanted to show you the back of the coffin stroller! So cute!

Kate, thank you so so much for this wonderful swap!! I had so much fun and I can't tell you how excited I am to have two more of the Addams clan at home!! I really fuels my fire to get some things done! Big hugs from across the ocean!!

Oh yes.... and I was also gonna show what I made for Kate. But please stay tuned to her blog because when she is able she will show pictures of it in her project!!

She asked me if I could try making a wicker baby bed for her Sweeney Todd project. If you haven't seen the movie, Sweeney finds his daughters old bed.... all tattered and torn. So that is what I created. Its not just like the one in the movie but its based off of Kate's vision of what she wanted.

It was really fun making this for her because I got to try out some new techniques!!

Kate, as always, swapping with you was a blast! I look forward to the next time!!! -Ara

Friday, May 14, 2010

Off Topic: Gift for my Mother

Hi Everyone,

I know this isn't Addams Family related but this is something I've worked on lately and I wanted to show you guys :) I have had in the back on my head for a while plans on how to make a working miniature recliner. Well I finally got started on it and I couldn't think of a better material to cover it in than my grandfathers old work shirt!

I remember for years when I was younger that he would come home from work and plop down in his recliner and sleep for a few minutes before dinner. Of course us grandkids would either disrupt his slumber or make fun of his amazingly loud snoring!!! haha.
Anyway he passed away several years ago but I have held on to several of his old shirts.

This chair went to my mother for this past mothers day. I knew she would love it because of the connection to her father and because.... of course her child made it :) It now sits in her curio cabinet of memories and I am so proud for it to be there!!

Anyway - I plan to make some more of those recliners and sell them (without my grandfathers shirt upholstery of course!!)

Since this was the first one I ever made there are a few improvements I will make on the next few but I really like it! Let me know what you think!!