Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Business is Booming and I am Tired!!

But good tired!!

I know y'all don't want to hear another blog on why I've been such a very bad blogger and blogging friend. But its good news this time! I have been really working on trying to get Bentley House Productions up and running and I guess I've done something right!

I got my first order off of Etsy this past week and I am just over the moon about it! Plus I have 2 custom orders that I am working on at the moment. Plus lots and lots of plans!!! Those of you doing Alice in Wonderland tea party scenes.... stay tuned for chairs, chairs, chairs!!! (hopefully they'll be coming soon!

Plus I've got a few side swaps going (kate.... I'm getting started this week!! promise!!) (oh and Jayne.... your piano bench will be coming soon!) Phew!!

I can't tell you how upset the Addamses are at me right now as their mansion has coming to a grinding hault! Its just sitting on my desk collecting dust at the moment (not that they mind too much - they like dust).

I need to do something for them soon.... because its not really good to get on the bad side of the Addams Family.... I am thinking I might make some of those lovely skull candelabras like Tabitha did. She sent me some beads and instructions for it so I have NO excuse!!

OK - well thanks for everyone for still staying tuned to my silent blog! You guys are awesome!!