Saturday, December 6, 2014

Finished Dollhouse Cabinet!!! Hooray!

It's finally finished!!  My friend texted me that the cabinet was done and I rushed over as fast as I could!!  Yay yay yay!!!

Here is it with my friend that built it for me:

I asked him if he would do it again and he said he would need a break before undertaking another one of my projects!  lol!!

Here it is with the Addams family mansion sitting on top:

The front area will have a porch and a small portion of the cemetery.

Here is the "back" of the house.  As you can see my friend built the basement into the cabinet.  It slides out so I can work on it!

Doesn't it look amazing???  The cabinets are for mini storage!  I am still going to distress and age the cabinet a bit to make it look like an old piece of furniture and match it with the house.

I probably won't get anymore work done on it before Christmas but I will be back then!  I really just can't wait to make this cabinet work for me... it's just amazing!  Can you tell I love it???