Saturday, December 18, 2010

Off Topic: Finally.... Tabitha's Give-Away Prize

Well, it was a bumpy road getting there... but I finally got Tabitha's custom give-away finished!!! And I am so glad to say that she really likes it.

She has a really amazing project going on focused around a rather famous Wizard/Magician..... please visit her blog for her to tell you more about it in her own words! Plus she has so many wonderful things there, that I highly suggest you become a follower if you aren't already!

Tabitha's blog is here.
I also included this detail show for those of you who were saying my photos don't pop up.... I will really try to work on figuring that out! Tabitha wanted the chair in 'ruins' so I tried my best!!

Hope you like it!!! hugs, ara

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Long Time, No See!!! 100th Post!

Hello Everyone! I'm back and rejuvenated!! I have been dealing with a lot of nausea because of the baby and on top of that several sinus infections that have left me down and out!

Good news is Baby is doing good, healthy as far as we know and we find out what the gender is in Mid January!!

More Good News: I'm Back!!! I am finally feeling well enough to sit at my desk and get back to work! My fingers are itching and my mind is full of ideas for the Addamses, chairs and more!

I am sorry I have missed so much of whats been going on. I plan to go through y'alls blogs over the next couple days and check up on everyone. It's my mission!!

Meanwhile I'd figure I'd show you the last miniature project I actually got done... This was a while ago too!

We had to make something themed off of the phrase "little shop of..." And I made the "Little Shop of Lost Monsters". This was made for a Circle Swap on a forum and it went to my friend Marie. She said she really liked it so yay!!

Missed you guys and I can't wait to see what you've been up to!! -Ara