Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get your tickets for the Addams' Living Room Tour.....

That's it ... don't push now ... everyone get in line and get your ticket for a tour through the Living Room of the Addams Mansion.

Now, remember folks that the mansion is still being built... as you will see as you walk through, there are several columns missing and the lighting has not been installed. However, you are just in time to see the finished stairway that has been custom built for the Addams'. Also, Mrs. Addams has placed items just for this showing so they may be enhanced or moved in the future.

Alright... who's first.... yes you. Alright, please enter through the door and you'll find your tour guide, Mrs. Addams herself.....

***Creeeeeeeeeeek***** The door slowly opens

"Ah...Welcome", says Mrs. Addams as she finishes putting out her last vase of freshly dead roses. "Welcome to my home. Come in.... and watch the Polar Bear rug, he hates guests."

"Hookah? No? Well it is rather early in the evening for smoking. I'll ring Lurch for some Lady Fingers. We just got in a fresh batch. Please sit."

"My family is doing quite horribly, thank you for asking. They are out collecting swamp gas for Pugsley's upcoming Science Project."

"So as you can see we're still in the process if making the mansion our home... several things still look a little too 'new' and 'clean'. Also, we've lost our moose head for the fireplace, Gomez has been hunting for a replacement for weeks. Its been a slow process but we Addamses love suspense...."

"Well thats the end of the tour" *A snapping noise from the corner of the room*

"Oh Thing, how thoughtful of you, but the upstairs study isn't quite complete. Gomez's desk has not even arrived yet."

"You will have to come back for the tour of the rest of the house..... no, you will not have to re-buy your ticket, you have a lifetime pass. Lurch has bagged a few lady fingers for you for the road, enjoy."

Friday, February 12, 2010

Off Topic: What happened to Texas?

So.... I thought I lived in Texas.... but we just had a record breaking snow fall!! 9 inches is the greatest amount of snowfall here in one day in recorded history and it happened yesterday!

Now I know some of my Canadian friends are thinking... ha! 9 inches... no biggy. But you have to remember that snow is so rare here that none of us own snow shovels, snow boots, salt trucks, ice scrapers.... sleds.... ear muffs!!! Its cold for us and we're upstream without a paddle. (And yes we did use a blow-up mattress today as a sled to slide down the side of a highway embankment.... sledding Texas style :)

Plus power is going in and out here so I apologize if I miss a few posts... not sure when we will have constant power back!

Anyway... here is a pic of my dog Audrey running in the snow with my hubs! I hope everyone is staying warm! Brrrrrr.....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cleopatra and Morticia United in Miniature!

Those of you that watched and remember the Addams Family TV show (the black and white one) might remember little miss Cleopatra. She is Morticia's beloved African Strangler. (And for those of you wondering I have no idea if an African Strangler is real). Cleopatra was raised by Morticia from the time she was a little seedling. Morticia actually had Cleopatra before she even married Gomez so they have quite a tight bond. Here you can see them in the new conservatory together (ignore the unfinished windows) smiling at each other! I think Morticias avoiding a 'hug' though...Cleo was handcrafted by the oh so talented Jayne of Tallulah~Belle Originals! Jayne contacted me asking more about Cleopatra and said she was interested in trying her out! Well in a panic of excitement I offered to do a swap with her (because no way would I be able to resist the Addams Family plant made by one of the best mini-plant-makers out there!) and she agreed. I am working on her swap as we speak but I won't say what it is yet!

Thank you so much Jayne! She is just the most perfect picture of what Cleopatra should be!! And Morticia is thrilled so that has me thrilled as well! These pics just don't show off the detail that Jayne puts into each one of her creations!! Cleo is perfect in everyway! She is already taken up as alpha plant and has all the other plants shaking in their pots! Here you can see her ruling in her new atmosphere, isn't she a show-stopper??:

Also in the Conservatory you can see a few bottle and potions made by Kate of The Whittakers Miniatures! Also on the back wire shelf you can see a little Venus fly trap chowing down on a lump of meat made by Christina Pardy.

And finally a quick portrait of the Queen of the Conservatory!! Morticia's off to make her favorite meal to welcome her to the Addams Family Mini-mansion: Yak Meat Balls! Yum!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Off Topic: Oh my goodness... finally on Etsy....

Hello Friends,

Things have been happening over here! One of them is that I finally got everything set up and on Etsy! I hope you will visit the shop and look around :) Oh - also I will be starting a separate blog for Bentley House Productions so that I can keep this an Addams only zone!

The blog is here and there's not much on it yet. My husband turns pens (on a lathe) and he will be selling those there too.

Also.... more Addams stuff to come soon! Exciting stuff!!!

Love y'all! - Ara