Monday, May 28, 2018

Well Everyone.... its only been about THREE YEARS since I have posted on this blog.....  GO ME!!!  BUT I wanted to let you know I have started a YouTube channel that continues the progress of this project. 

You can check out my YT miniatures channel HERE

There you can find my Addams Family Playlist to see a lot of the updates I have made since I last posted on this blog... there are quite a few!!

ALSO I plan to complete this project in the next year (before May 2019) which would mark the 10 year anniversary of the beginning of the Mini-Mansion.

If you are still following along WOW!!! YOU ARE A PATIENT PERSON!! and sorry for the long absence.  Children, Life and YouTube sure can take up some time ;)

Thanks for your continued patience and I hope to see you over at my YT Channel (where you can watch this AND OTHER exciting projects unfold)

Cheers AF Mini-Mansion peeps!!  -Ara

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