Saturday, March 14, 2015

A second stair case...

Hello All,

Yes I still am working slowly slowly slowly on the Addams Mansion.  I have a several new updates ready to show you but I will do one at a time.

First, I have created a second stair case that runs from the 2nd story hallway (outside of Gomez and Morticia's room) up to the attic space outside of the kids room.  They have a fireman's pole that they can take up and down... but I felt a "back stairway" wouldn't hurt.

The hard part was figuring out  how to make a REMOVABLE stair case because the wing with the hallway is not permanently attached to the main house.

Below you can see the space without the stairs:

And here it is with the stair case in place:

Here you can see the attic space that the stairs lead up to:

They do come outside the back of the house but I kind of like that.  I may do that in a few more places as well!

And here you can see how the stair case comes apart:

I am very happy with how it turned out.  Now Morticia and Gomez have an easy way to check on the kids.  Also those without the skills need to slide UP a fireman's pole now have the ability to make it to the 3rd floor!

Thanks for checking it out! -Ara


  1. I thnk that's awesome, you did good :)


  2. It will all come into it's own one day and then what will you do?😄

    1. Celebrate and then probably start another lol!

  3. I've always loved the Addams family and I love what you've done. The close-up of the windows and window shutters in the 4th picture are so good.